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Our values 

More than a restaurant, Papi Bowls is a family!


We want to offer you a place where you can find:

  • Fresh, healthy, local and seasonal food

  • Colorful bowls, prepared to measure and fresh of the day

  • A community with good vibes to meet

  • A place that makes you happy to tell and share your life experiences

Come join us!

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The Papi Bowls Story

The Papi Bowls story began when we met: three dynamic and passionate young people: Lilian, Max and Franco.


Max is French and has lived in Mexico for 7 years. Two years ago, he fell in love with Puerto Escondido and decided to settle there.


Lilian is also French and came to Mexico after many trips around the world.


We met the third member of our team, Franco, who is also an entrepreneur and director of a marketing company in the United States.


Quickly, a friendship was born and the common dream of embarking on healthy food became evident to allow residents, coworkers and other travelers to enjoy refreshing bowls with fresh and quality products.


We combined Maxime's experience in the country's culture and the Mexican lifestyle, as well as his passion for health, Lilian's experiences in entrepreneurship and travel, and Franco's experience in marketing to bring Papi Bowls to life. on April 15, 2023 🫶🏼

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